R.S.P. 51 is a textile company founded in 1986. It is situated in Colonia Prat in Puig-Reig ( 80 km from Barcelona ), where we have the departments of production, comercial, administration and finance, warehouse, logistics and development and design.

Our company is specialized in the manufacture of denim fabrics, as well as articles from 100% cotton, cotton / lycra, linen, polyester ...and so on, for the sportwear market with different aspects and special finishes.

The whole process of manufacturation is done in our facilities, from the weaving to the delivery of the finished product to the clients.

R.S.P. 51 is characterised by being an innovative company in terms of manufacturing and design of our tissues. Also, we have last generation machinery, essential for the continued development of new tissue, special dyes and finishes.
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